Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Oh no! I've been terrible neglectful of this blog... I've been terribly busy managing a vintage store, and figuring other great plans out! But I have plenty of new things to share, and will be much more diligent at updating this blog!

As some of you may know, I used to work for The Loved One and continue to support and love those magnificent ladies greatly!  A few months ago I got a chance to shoot with my dear friend Emily to romp around in few of their summer sets and pinafores in our natural Northwestern habitat. Below are the beautiful film photos Emily captured in North Bend AKA The Home Of Twin Peaks.  Pinafores and Bow Ties are from TLO, give em so love. They're really just the most darling gals!

I get terribly choked up thinking about how much I learned and what a gift I was given to work with these ladies. I've maintained my friendships with them and will always be there to support their dreaminess, and sniffle a little every once in awhile for missing them and sunny California.

I have plenty more to come,  and hope to be updating before the craziness of Halloween at Red Light Vintage hits!